The Process

Ground Preparation - First, we mark the area where you’d like your edging. Then we use a state-of-the-art bed edger to prepare the soil.
IMG_4778 IMG_4777
Next, we mix the colored concrete in the large mixer at your location. This concrete gets shoveled into our extruding machine that lays the concrete in an uninterrupted edge while inserting cable.
Pasted Graphic
We then hand trowel the entire edge for a smooth finish. While doing so, we hand-form all corners and specialty items.
Here you can see us applying texture to one of our custom made rain drains. After the texturing, we apply the stamp design of your choice.
After the texture and stamping is applied, we seal the concrete with 2 coats of sealant. This provides protection against the elements and efflorescence, which is unsightly when it appears.

The finished product is a 100% custom edging that is done specifically to your specs!




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