Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It looks great but can I afford it?

A: Our edging is professionally installed, to custom fit your landscape. No other edging solution can provide such a custom fit. What you will save when having ProEdging come to install your edging is time and money. Other edging solutions are neither as effective nor last as long as our concrete edging. When you consider how often you have to replace other edging products, that you have to invest the time yourself, and that they aren't a custom fit, our concrete edging is the clear way to go. Plus it looks better! Our prices will vary based on the style, color, slope of your land, number of corners, rain drains, size of the job, etc. but typically ranges from $8.50 - $15 per linear foot. We can accommodate most budgets, so give us a call for a free estimate!

Q: How long does the concrete edging last?

A: The edging will last for many years with minimal maintenance. We apply a commercial grade clear acrylic sealant in two coats to all edging during installation. Sealing every 2 years or so thereafter will help to assure a long and beautiful life for your concrete border.

Q: How is the concrete colored?

A: The integral colors are iron oxide pigments that are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. The color will not flake off or disappear over time. We also apply a release powder to the surface to add a natural look or texture to your edging. You may experience a little fading, but this is normal in any outdoor color application. A sealer helps aid in the preservation of the color over time and we recommend sealing every couple of years.

Q: How deep do you dig?

A: We typically cut a 1” deep strip along your beds and where you’d like your edging to lie.

Q: What kind of base is placed under the edge?

A: We make sure the base under the edging is compacted and level. Sometimes we will put a small layer of sand under it to ensure the levelness. If the edging should settle a little, the expansion joints that we put in every 2-2.5’ or so should control the cracking.

Q: What about frost and ground movement?

A: One of the benefits of our concrete edging is that it is a continuous piece of concrete. Individual bricks or blocks will shift over time and in the winter. Our curb contains fibermesh reinforcement and galvanized steel cable which together is designed to take the place of rebar and adds strength to your edging. We place control/expansion joints every 2-2.5 feet or so. This is designed to help control the cracking during any shifting periods and colder months. If the curb should crack, it should crack in the expansion joint and not be noticeable.

Q: Is the edging prone to cracking?

A: There is the possibility that your concrete may crack in areas other than the control joints for many different reasons. While we do everything possible to avoid cracking (such as cutting control joints, installing galvanized steel cable, adding fibermesh, compacting the soil and installing fresh concrete mixed on site), there is still the possibility cracks may still occur. These types of cracks and cracks along the outer edges of the stamp and cracking through stamps are items that can be repaired on a time and materials basis and are not part of our standard warranty. These types of cracks are considered normal in the concrete industry.

Q: Will my landscaping be affected by your project work?

A: The installation of a decorative concrete edging can be a messy process. We make all attempts to not disrupt your landscaping and plants, however, we can’t be responsible for lost plants. Any plants that could be in danger will be discussed with you prior to installation and if they need to be protected should be moved temporarily. We also do our best to clean up afterwards to leave your property beautiful.

Q: Does ProEdging warrant its work?

A: ProEdging, LLC warrants its materials against deterioration for a period of 2 years from the date of installation. This does not include definable damage, cracking, occasional small gaps where joints are, or color variations. We are not responsible for cracking. Cable, sealant, fiber mesh and control joints are used as preventative measures. See above.

Q: Will my colors be a perfect match?

A: Not always. In all stamped concrete work as in nature, there is going to be some color variance. In some cases the color variance will be more noticeable than others. It is important that our customers expect this color variance and are aware that it can be noticeable from time to time and that it is possible to see a darker or lighter shade of color over a large area. We color our concrete using integral color, thus the color is all the way through and not just on top. We are an established decorative concrete company using proven methods and techniques for coloring concrete. Our installers are trained in the manufacturers’ recommended installation procedures to maximize the long-term performance of the products. Each step of the preparation, texturing, coloring and sealing processes is carefully executed and monitored. This professional approach ensures that the installation is durable and that the textures and colors are as close to the desired results as possible. The coloring agents used by ProEdging in the decorative processes are not paint products. You cannot base your decision on the flat colors of a paint chart. These colors are transparent that are used for your concrete. Our materials react with the concrete to produce unique effects. Because the coloring agents are translucent, surface imperfections and inconsistencies are not covered, as they would be with paints. As with other  materials, variations in concrete are normal and to be expected. Craftsmen create the textures in an uncontrolled environment. The occurring marbling and variations in color and occasional surface irregularities enhance the natural appearance of the finished surface. Each project is custom crafted and has unique characteristics. While ProEdging strives to deliver the requested coloring and shading variations, it makes no guarantee that the coloring agents and texture mats will produce the same uniformity and consistency of paints or tiles. We ask that you acknowledge that shading and texture differences may occur in concrete as they do in all natural materials and embrace their beauty because of it.

Q: What are our responsibilities before your installers arrive?

A: Prior to our arrival, we ask that you take minor precautions to avoid problems with the construction to be performed on your property.

  • Mow your grass.
  • Make sure your outside water faucet is functioning properly.
  • Mark where any buried wires or cables are if they are less than 2 inches deep where the new edging is to be installed.
  • Be sure installation is within your property lines.
  • Please turn off any sprinklers and if you have a sprinkler system, mark where the heads are.
  • Close any windows in the area where new edging is to be installed to avoid dust from release agents and odor from the sealant entering your home.

Q: Do we have to use a sealer?

A: ProEdging seals all of its decorative edging with an acrylic based sealer DURING the installation process. Unlike our competitors we also apply TWO coats of this sealer. This sealer has an ultra violet protectant. We suggest checking your edging periodically to see when it needs to be resealed.

You should be aware of a couple of items when dealing with this sealer. First, the sealer will appear very shiny when it’s freshly applied. This will look will become less shiny and more muted after a couple of weeks and will look more natural. If you like the “wet” look or the high gloss, we offer a post-curing high gloss sealing service. Please inquire.

Q: What are the benefits of your custom rain drains?

A: Our rain drains or gutters put that final touch to your property! Who wants those ugly white spoutings or black snake accordions running along the top of your mulch and edging? Our rain gutters are 100% custom made to provide the right pitch for water drainage AND they match your edging completely... color AND design!!